Abivia – Consulting that Fits

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Abivia – Consulting that Fits

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Welcome to Abivia

Abivia provides business, marketing, and information technology consulting services to small and medium sized businesses, and to small entrepreneurial groups within larger corporations.

Our core strength is our ability to break down communications barriers between business administration, sales, marketing, operations, information technology professionals, and customers. Even small businesses can experience significant disconnects between these groups. These communications failures can lead to misunderstanding, poor decision making, dysfunctional teams, and loss of business. Our pragmatic approach improves teamwork, understanding, accuracy and clarity. We help our clients maintain a single, coherent business focus across all aspects of their operations.

Our motto is Consulting that Fits: delivering high value services that are appropriate for the scale and maturity of your enterprise.

Abivia has completed projects in several industries, including advertising, retail, software, publishing, telecommunications, and travel.

Our Work

We primarily work in two ways. Project based assignments involve establishing a scope of work and schedule for a project, and then performing the work. Advisory assignments involve evaluating the approach to an opportunity and working with managers to develop a strategy. Advisory assignments can be either ad hoc or on a regularly scheduled basis, depending on the nature of the work.

We are often retained by clients after a failure in communications has caused a crisis. Although we prefer to work on strategies that aim to prevent such crises, we welcome "swat team" engagements that require an intense level of effort over a short period of time. When possible, we will reallocate resources to handle a crisis project, as long as other clients are not affected. In these circumstances, we understand and appreciate that confidentiality and discretion is of great importance. We will never reference our work on this type of project in a way that identifies our client, the project, or the client's business relationships.

Business Consulting Services

  • Business plan analysis and development
  • Objectives based resource allocation and planning
  • Development of strategies for effective use of information technology
  • Team performance analysis

Marketing Consulting Services

  • Strategic market analysis
  • Brand development and positioning
  • Development of practical, affordable marketing plans
  • Lead tracking and customer relationship management systems
  • Development of marketing and sales support materials
  • Research based marketing decision making

Information Technology Services

  • Needs analysis and development of systems requirements
  • Advanced Web site and e-commerce development
  • Cost reduction through effective use of free and open source software
  • Project management
  • Implementation of effective development methodologies

Random Quip / Quote

"Get rid of the crappy stuff."

-- Steve Jobs, 2006.