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From smart switches to high-end servers, open source software now plays a significant role in just about every device with a CPU. The availability of freely usable and adaptable open source code has accelerated the rate of development and innovation in everything from the Internet of Things through to cloud based Artificial Intelligence.

Abivia has made code and/or financial contributions to several projects including the Joomla CMS, Laravel, LibreOffice, the PHP Foundation, and several others. We also develop and maintain our own projects. Some of our featured work is listed below.

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Abivia Hydration logo Abivia Hydration is a PHP package that simplifies the process of reading user-edited data files and turning them into application data structures. More details are available at the Hydration Documentation site.


Abivia Ledger logo Ledger lets you track anything related to money in your application with a single package while making your CFO happy at the same time. No matter if your app is handling memberships for a small club or supporting a multinational enterprise, Ledger can handle it.

Abivia Ledger implements the core of a double-entry accounting system in a Laravel package. Ledger supports multiple languages, currencies, organizational units, and journals. Other key features include a JSON API, full audit logs, the ability to connect transactions to external objects, and Charts of Accounts presets.

Ledger is MIT Licensed and available on GitHub. Full details are available at the Ledger Documentation site.


Abivia Cogs logo Cogs is a suite of interfaces for common objects, primarily used in (but not limited to) business and ecommerce. The interfaces have been heavily influenced by OASIS recommendations. The intent is to achieve some level of interoperability between applications by having them conform to these interfaces.

Cogs is MIT Licensed and available on GitHub.


Abivia Geocoding logo The Abivia geocoding library provides a caching interface to IP address lookup APIs provided by and The library supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and is designed to seamlessly support other IP address geocoding services.

Ledger is MIT Licensed and available on GitHub.


Abivia NextForm logo Abivia NextForm is a JSON-based form handler. Available as both an independent package and as a Laravel component, NextForm simplifies the creation of forms in an enterprise environment where multiple user groups use similar forms based on a common set of data elements. Basic Documentation is currently available in the source code repository. A more comprehensive documentation site is in development.

Support for Other Open Source Projects

Not only are we creators of open systems, Abivia actively supports other open source projects with small recurring donations and other contributions. We're a sponsor of the PHP Foundation via Open Collective, contribute to projects through Liberapay, and have donated or contributed to other projects including Joomla and Libre Office.

If you're interested in supporting our open source work, we also accept donations of any amount through Liberapay.
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