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Abivia Re-Launches Web Site with "Joomla!™" 1.5

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In January 2008, after nearly two years of intense development, the "Joomla!™" open source community announced the production release of version 1.5. "Joomla!™" is one of the world's most popular and highly rated content management systems. Version 1.5 is a major re-write of the code that offers major improvements while maintaining backwards compatibility with version 1.0.

Today Abivia Inc. is happy to announce the re-launch of its main site using the new "Joomla!™" platform. This launch not only reaffirms our commitment to high quality open source projects, but reflects our direct development contributions to the 1.5 code base.

Abivia is committed to delivering high quality, professional solutions at reasonable prices. The Joomla content management system offers significant benefits for both public and Intranet sites, and is one of the major tools that help us deliver on that commitment.


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