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Abivia Marketing Consulting

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At Abivia, we take a fairly radical view of marketing. The tenets of our marketing work are:

  • Most advertising is a waste of money. If there's no way to directly measure a channel's return on investment, consider it a last resort... unless you have money to burn.
  • Creativity is not king. Targeting is. An average message delivered to the right prospect beats a fantastic message delivered to the wrong prospect every time.
  • Creativity isn't irrelevant. A fantastic message delivered to the right prospect beats an average message every time.
  • Research rules. Marketing decisions based on intuition, "gut feel", and "experience" are a fantastic way to waste money. Decisions based on hard data outperform so-called "educated guesses" nine times out of ten.
  • Research is hard. It's easy to ask the wrong questions or to use the wrong research methodologies. Relying on poor research is as bad as relying on intuition.
  • No matter how you define it, "brand equity" is increasingly irrelevant and almost always not worth the money spent to achieve it.
  • Small businesses can create and execute effective, affordable marketing programs.

If you agree with our approach, this is what Abivia has to offer:

  • Development of marketing plans that align with business objectives and budgets.
  • Development and execution of market research that answers relevant questions about your market and your customers.
  • Data analysis, segmentation, and campaign performance analysis that identifies flaws and biases in the market research. The results of market research can be flawed in many ways. This process helps identify them and correct the results.
  • Creation of content that targets the needs of verified market segments.
  • Development of communications strategies for each market segment.
  • Execution of electronic advertising and communications programs.
  • Deployment of lead tracking and/or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that help you gather more information on the effectiveness of your marketing programs and your customer interactions.

Random Quip / Quote

"Development without revision control is art, not engineering."

-- Alan Langford, 2009.