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Cost Reduction Through Free/Open Source Software

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In our experience, many small businesses cut corners when it comes to software licensing. In many cases this starts out as a matter of survival, but as the business grows, the practice of making unlicensed copies continues to been seen as acceptable.

This habit incurs serious and needless risks and expense. The cost of coming into voluntary compliance can be considerable. Your business is at risk of being reported by competitors, or disgruntled/former employees. The cost of forced compliance is at least double that of voluntary compliance and can also result in damaging publicity.

Most of this risk is unnecessary. There are viable, no cost, open source alternatives available for nearly all of the most commonly copied applications.

Abivia will analyze your needs and recommend reliable, supported open source products that meet your business requirements. If no commercial grade applications exist for a particular need, then we will recommend a proprietary product or suggest alternative approaches.


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