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On Development

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"Development without revision control is art, not engineering."

-- Alan Langford, 2009.

I highly doubt that I'm the first to say this, but whoever did hasn't been visited by Google.

During my career, development -- or more precisely software development -- has matured from an art form to an engineering discipline. We no longer expect 30% of development projects to fail completely and 70% to come in at at least double the original estimate. Yet too many projects continue to under-perform.

I have come to believe that most projects that fail or go over budget do so because they fail to adopt the engineering disciplines that would help them succeed.

Of these methodologies, use of a revision control system is the easiest, most obvious, and most essential. If a development team isn't using some sort of revision control, then they're doing performance art, not engineering.


Random Quip / Quote

"Adding more resources can only speed things up to a point. You can't make a baby in a month with nine women."

-- Mitel Project Manager, 1982.